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How do you do lunch? Do you eat out or do you bring your own lunch to work?

Whatever option you go for, we think there are plenty of benefits over both, to having your team lunches delivered straight to your office.

Call us biased, but you can’t argue with these reasons!

1. Ease

Let’s face it, ordering your lunch to be delivered straight to you is the easiest mealtime option! There’s no need to spend time at home doing the prep or waste time queuing in a shop for your order.

With Hospitality 2 You, you and your colleagues can easily place orders ahead of time. It takes 5 minutes!

Your order has to be over £30 and we’ll deliver it for free to any business or office across central London.

It’s convenient, easy and time saving.

2. Plenty of choice

You and a few colleagues decided to pop out for your lunch, you’ve taken a 10-minute walk to your favourite shop which has the best lunch selection, but when you get there most of the options are gone.

Now you’re left with little to choose from and you end up eating a disappointing lunch.

That’s a common lunchtime scenario for many people, but not with our office catering service.

We offer a huge range of choice for you to choose from. Freshly made sandwiches, delicious cakes, healthy salads and more, you’ll never have to settle for a boring lunchtime choice.

And if you have specific dietary or lifestyle conditions, we also provide vegan, halal and gluten-free lunch time options.

At Hospitality 2 You, you always have plenty of tasty options.

3. Keep it healthy

Lunch time meal deals are not particularly health, some studies even suggest a single meal deal can include up to 70 teaspoons of sugar!

It’s not hard to see why. A usual lunchtime meal will consist of an unhealthy sandwich or wrap, a sugary drink (which has zero nutritional value) and a packet of crisps or sugary chocolate or energy bar.

It’s both uninspiring and nutritionally unhealthy.

But for a lot of workers, who don’t bring their own lunches to work, it’s often the only near-by choice.

With Hospitality 2 You, that doesn’t have to be the case.

4. It’s cheaper

Do you set yourself a daily lunch budget? If not, you’re not alone! Research from iZettle indicates that the average Londoner spends £6.60 a day on lunch. That adds up to around £2,500 a year!

It’s hard to keep an eye of your budget when you head out for lunch. Costs can quickly add up, but if you order with Hospitality 2 You, you can easily budget ahead and not spend additional pennies on snacks.

Here’s a simple example below.

You order our delicious large meat sandwich platter and fresh fruit platter for your team lunch, both serve 8 people and together cost £40.25.

That’s just £5.04 per head! It’s freshly made, nutritionally better for you than a processed alternative, and cheaper than a standard London lunch!

Place Your Order Today

We’ve given you 4 great reasons to have your lunch delivered to your office with Hospitality 2 You.

Here’s one more.

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